What we do:

At Flint Resources we offer a broad spectrum of services supporting the construction and operational end of the energy industry. Below are some of the services we provide, but are NOT limited to.

Services Offered:

Crop and Timber damage estimates –¬†Field review to value damages

Fencing– Agricultural, Safety, Chainlink, temporary. Fences at property lines, pastures, valve sites ect..


  • Pipeline/Well pad punchlist/restoration
  • Erosion control device removal
  • Hydroseeding
  • Basin construction and Maintenance
  • Tree planting

Landowner complaints – Misc. tasks to satisfy landowner complaints

Vegetation management  РROW mowing and Pesticide application (Pa licensed applicator)

Air to Soil transition wraps – 3 part wrap system project against corrosion at the air to soil transition line on valves, traps, launchers ect.